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Website feedback

Hi everyone

I've been working on a website - Frettutor - The Free, Online Guitar Fretboard Learning Resource - and put it online a couple of days ago. It's the first website I've made before, and the idea is that it's to help beginning guitarists learn their fretboard.

Anyway, I would really appreciate a critique of it, partly so I can update and improve it, but also because, since I'm self taught, this is as close to getting your work marked as it gets... I'd like to know things to avoid for next time.

It'd be great to get feedback on the looks of the site, but I would also really appreciate comments regarding the layout/usability. It's more of a web-app than a website, and I wanted it to have that sort of feel to it, but I don't know well that actually translates, especially for a new user. Also, if you play guitar, please, give it a go, and tell me whether it's actually of any use, or what could be improved!

Sorry for the essay, any comments/advice are much appreciated!




Senior Member
I don't know how it works since I don't play piano, but for your first site that looks pretty solid :thumbsup:

EDIT: just read that comment 4 hours later, I meant to say guitar, duh :p


Senior Member
The design is pretty clean, but I haven't managed to use the site. I suppose it's because I don't play any instruments. If you explain me how to use it I'll try again.


Active Member
It looks good I will give you that. However from an accessibility, useability and SEO point of view it needs a lot of work.

A website is not just how good it looks there is far, far more to it than that.

But I have to say I'm impressed if that is your first website. :)