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Website feedback


Junior Member
Hey all

Just finished my first draft of a website I'm making for uni. It's a small thing (7 pages) - Home

I'm looking for people to look at the site and give me feedback along with things I can do to improve it.

If there are any web designers/code people out there if you could take a quick peek through the code and tell me if you notice anything out of place that'd be brill.

Thanks peeps



Junior Member
kurtiscaston said:
Looks nice, and code looks alright but what is the reason for internal CSS on your index?
I used it so I didn't have to re-write the same code for the maintext and banner ID's with only a couple of changes (the dimensions).

This has come up on a couple of different forums that I've posted on. Should I put the internal style in the external one instead?


Junior Member
Thanks mate. Well done on the article.

Is it possible to use php includes for my header? The problem I'm having is that on the navigation I use "class='active'" to highlight the page that I'm currently on. Is there a way I can change the class="active" bit on the navigation so that it only highlights the link if the page is currently opened?

And is there any way I can make my page more efficient?