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Website Feedback


Staff member
I have a huge black bar on the right due to the small non repeating background, not sure I like the overall style but it's more a personal thing.

the featured work box isn't as wide as the rest of the site, it steps in visually.

And you need a muppet avatar!


Levi comes in with the final cuss at the end :p :lol:

as for me, its not my thing either, and I'm getting the background problem too.. Its not centred on my screen either. Personally I would change the background and the colour scheme to be alot lighter, use a white or light grey or something like that .. As it feels like a very heavy design. :)

hope that helps :)


Staff member
if you've spent time sorting out a layout you're happy with (spent time with paper and pen for example) it may be worth trying a few different colour combinations in photoshop before coding.

Avatar is more in keeping with the monthly (few days early) theme :)
I'll put together some developments then I'll let you guys have a butchers at the layout,colours etc..

I was going to have kermit for my avatar but didn't feel worthy lol :p