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Website Feedback


Senior Member
Basically im trying to make a new site for a charity in based in London. I just would like some feedback on this site because its my first site for a client (the only other site i've built is my own portfolio website) This is only a first draft, but chuck anything towards it. Some ideas on a colour scheme would be quite helpful, because white and black is a bit boring :p

Original site - AWAITING EYES FOUNDATION - Volunteers

My idea - Awaiting Eyes Foundation


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I really, really like that.

The only thing I don't really like is the padding between the two images, nor the border around the images, or the fact it doesn't level up at the bottom... but they're just minor things.


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I ripped the pics of the current site, but i agree that they could do with a tidy up and such. You mean i should bunch the two images up against each other? Cheers for the feedback though.


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I don't necessarily think you should bunch them up, just make it a little more compact and close up, so that the main content levels up...?
Looks nice and simple, not to fond of the navigation, try make the boxes a bit larger, seem to small atm.

On the logo, the banner, try having the top corners rounded, as if its folded over from behind the picture (sory not a great explanation) a small addition, but i think will make an improvement.

This 2 sample photos, looks like the rounded rectangles have been stretched, re do them.

Good start, nice and simple, alot better than the current

Design is simple as should be, good job but I think like Aaron you should round corners in banner.
Also you could make more visible right side: especially "Volunteers Needed" and "Apply now" becouse this link is like text so it isnt good. People will miss that.


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Nice, simple and usable.

I'd cut the header image width down to 960px as on my screen it looks odd hanging over the edges.

Either that or find an image you can do a seamless repeat on.


Active Member
Looks really nice that.

All I'd say is that you'll need a bigger image if you plan to have it the full width on large resolutions.
Really clear and simple. I don't think there's anything wrong with black and white if you've got the colour in the images - they do the talking kind of thing. If you were to bring a colour in, what about the yellow in the logo for subheadings or something?
Maybe chop the sides off the large banner image to make it fit with the rest? Maybe make the navigation buttons bigger and get a bit more space between the two text columns on the About Us page, maybe a bit more division in the left block?
So much better than the old site! Really usable too. I like it.


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Hi Twiggy - generally I like! - I think I prefered the last version though where the image streached across the page...

I think the paragraphs would be better with a space between them and make easier to read/digest the info. This would make a big difference to the about us page which to me is an off putting clunk of yabber... I think on the about us page also the FACTs sidebar could do with some funking up maybe a green background or something?

The contact us page I think the form would be more suited to being split into 2 colums so you don't need to scroll through it exagerating its length. Submit and reset buttons would be good as images but I'm guessing that may be on the to-do list anyway

The FAQ link has been pushed down in firefox... (not fitting in its space)

Hope that helps


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No problem Twiggy glad I could help (constuctively hopefully) - I had a nose tonight and noticed you'd changed a few things!

I think your making a good job of it! - the only other thing i noticed looking back at the original is that its more targeted - the first thing you see is the "sponsor a child" its the hard sell straight to the point and "volunteers needed" is in the sidebar so its very hit you in the face click me and give me money - so maybe you should try to incorporate more of that into the home page. It's not a design thing bit a selling marketing thing the design is good but for them to think it has worked you need to convert at least the same amount of hit to sales as the previous site.

Berry (the lord almighty) would say "communication over design" or something like that I think.

I like the design but you need to convert ppl for your client to think it works...