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website feedback pleese


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I am posting this with some trepidation. I am a mum (with software experience) with kids at home and want to design some websites for pocket money (and to use my brain).
I would really appreciate some feedback on my site. I am not a graphics designer and dont think I have got the graphics, text style and colours right. I have found reading feedback on the other websites and graphics really informative. (note - some of my pages are not complete at the moment).
Feedback/suggestions on any issues would be really apreciated.:)


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Not sure why people haven't commented on this thread yet... everyone seems a little slow!

As you're not a graphic/web designer, this is pretty good. You've included more than one bright colour (which was my epic fail originally), there's consistency in the layout, and the navigation is pretty easy.

Personally though, I'd include a bit more pizazz - if that's a word. There's so much you can do with "green globe", but it doesn't seem as you've really taken it that far.

I'm not sure I'd agree with your prices either... some pretty good designers would quote you what your website states and they have lots of experience behind them...


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Hey ggd,

If you want to make a go at web design for pocket money or anything else then i strongly suggest reading up on the subject matter and doing some research into the industry first, I appreciate that your now playing catch up due to the kids, family and all that, so kudo's to you for having a go. But the fact remains this is a very very competitive market.

Get down to the local library, book store and read up on as much as possible, do a search for web design blogs, read, digest, understand, ask questions and be prepared to learn, read up on web design best practice in order to get a feel for the level you need achieve before you can start to look for paid work. Also try checking out CSS Mania for examples of modern day web design and web solutions.

If after learning some more you find your weakness is graphic design / art work (suspect due to your technical background) I would strongly suggest teaming up with a reliable designer, many of which can be found on these boards.

One last thing, and perhaps the most important, web design when done correctly isnt something that you can 'knock' together when you get a few mins free, if you think it is i recommend you take up solving zigsaw puzzles. Web design is about commitment to understanding your clients needs and goals and providing a solution that exceeds both the requirements of the client but also effectivly communicating the message to the end users.

If you have the passion and desire like most things in life you will succeed, good luck (sound like berry)

I hope this helps, and i look forward to seeing your progression on this forum.




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Ok, don't want to sound too negative (so sorry if it does come across that way) as it takes guts to get work reviewed etc.

I would suggest taking a step back from your current design and go have a look at some other websites from companies in the web design field. The reasons for this (for me personally) are as it stands it's not really selling you and your talents very well especially when considering that web design is arguably the most competitive field of design at the moment. Once you've seen a few to get a feel then spend time with pen and paper until you get an overall feel for a design you like.

I'd agree with Tim regarding your pricelist, out my way (middle of nowhere really) you can get 5 pages for around £250 (although I have no idea of their skillset or the quality of work). I also go by the view that I won't advertise my prices online so that I can't be quoted on them and also allows you some flexibility depending on if you're bidding for a contract etc.


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Thanks for the response. I felt it a risky policy to put something up in the first place. I have taken on board pricing, and really want to learn as I miss coding (and believe it or not) enjoy designing. I can see my site is quite week at the moment but I need to start somewhere so wanted feedback in order to progress. I am finding the forum really informative from that point of view.
I will go away and make some (many) changes! I hope I can progress for the big :down:
I will be back!:)