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Website Designer/Graphic Designer Required

My New company is called BodyMXM.

1: Needs Logo
The site will apply to males 16-45, mainly selling supplement stimulations. I need the logo and website to harness the young years of the Male Human Organism, Aggressive, competitive, fearless and very egotistical. I want the website to be extreme and confirm bodybuilding to be a brutal and animal like sport where nothing but pain awaits you in the gym.

Colour scheme Idea, Grey, Black, Red

2: Website needs building along the same structure as Bodybuilding Supplements | Sports Supplements or http://www.bsnonline.net I would like to be able to edit the site creating more pages if needed in years to come if successful.
49th Floor are currently available and would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Portfolio and contacts are available from 49thfloor.co.uk