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Website critique & about my Deafness...

Hello :)

I thought it's time to have some critique on my website. I've been looking for junior / graduate graphic design job for a year, with no success. Any feedback / advice would be greatly appreciated!

My portfolio website can be seen on: inspireme247.com

Because I am profoundly Deaf, should I add a section on my CV about my Deafness? There already is a section called 'Additional Information' at the bottom, which can be seen on: inspireme247.com/resume

Let me know what you think about this.

I appreciate this is a big ask to look through my portfolio website and CV but if you have any tips, advice or criticisms on either item I would be very grateful!

Hi Dean,

Firstly the site looks like a fairly basic template. If you are on wordpress for example, keep trying other themes to see what fits. If you are building the site yourself try experimenting with some new layouts and ways to use the site, there are plenty of tutorials out there to give you a bit of learning and at the same time hopefully give you a new more professional look. For a quick fix I would make the portfolio images bigger to make them a bit more appealing, then you can see more of the colours etc. Also try adding a bit more colour to the site, be creative!

With regards to your deafness, without being disrespectful I would make light of the subject. By that I mean incorporate it into your personal branding, be open and confident with it. Potential employers look for confident people, no matter what disability they may have, with a great attitude as well as a great portfolio they will hire you.

To be brutally honest your work isn't particularly grabbing me from the start. I like your branding but other areas do bring you down a little. Right now I would really start doing more work to boost the portfolio. Find websites for briefs etc and keep learning new things with tutorials. Be honest with yourself, if you doubt how good a piece really is, don't put it in your portfolio, also before putting anything in the portfolio ask others like us for critique, if the majority like it (not everyone will as we all have our own tastes) put it on there.

To sum up, work on that portfolio, learn more, get more critique on everything and work on that site.

Look at what everyone else is doing, there is no harm in taking small things from others sites to use in your own (as long as it's not an obvious chunk), that's what inspiration is for!

Good luck with everything Dean and keep posting your work on here for critique, you will soon get there!