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Website Crit

Hi guys,

Working on a new concept for a client. Not too happy with where the phone number and email are sitting, any ideas for improvment. Not overly happy with the section above the nav.

Any other feedback/comments welcome.



Senior Member
yeh I agree about not liking above the nav.

i think the search needs to be dropped into the bottom right a bit more or incorped into the nav bar maybe.. as there's a space. then shift email/phone where search is.

nice site though


Staff member
shift the search into the top dark grey menu on the right, then shunt the telephone to the right side to mirror the left hand title.


Active Member
Hi Steve,

Just had a quick play around with this, I would personally drop the height of the header area, bring the search box into the main focus in the centre, and then look again at the alignment of the logo with the grid below and possibly look to split the header area into 3 even sections, one for identity, one for menu & search and one for contact details.

Something like this perhaps;

Hope that helps :)
Nice design Steve! I really like that. :up:

I think the placement of the search is fine but it looks strange with the 'search' above the form field.

Perhaps you could put the 'Search' text and the magnifying glass inside the search field instead and increase the width of the field so it occupies the same amount of space? Then tone down the gradient, search text and the key line?

Also I'm not sure about the background. It seems a bit too 'grungy' for a jewellery site, although it does give a nice contrast to the cleanliness of the rest of the design. Maybe you could try with a more 'polished' looking texture?

Hope that helps in some way!


EDIT: Greg's post wasn't there when I started writing (I guess Mr. Slow suits me pretty well :p). Looks much better like that. :)


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Looking good Steve, could you try an option with the rough finish background but a bit more subtle? So something between the two? (I sound like an annoying client! lol)

I'd also look at the spacing and alignment of the logo, looks a bit unbalanced at the moment, maybe even worth dropping the URL line (below the name) altogether? Not sure if it's needed tbh.

I agree with Greg. Something in between the 2 backgrounds would be perfect. A bit too bright for me on the last one. Oh and can you move the titles 1.7mm to the left...J/K :p

Looking really good Steve!
Cheers Aarlev for the feedback :)

Produced a quick 2nd concept which I'm happy with. Already submitted both to my client who is extremely happy! so very pleased. Thanks again for the advice on the first concept :D

prefer this latest one but agree about the backgound.
I like the background pattern and thin you should put it back to all of that! I liked that one.