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Webmail client advice

Hi all,

I am setting up my own website through Wordpress and I have bought hosting through Siteground.

I am trying to research the best way to approach Webmail. Siteground offer Horde, Squirrelmail and Roundcube as Webmail clients, but I would rather use Gmail or a desktop client. I have set up my Mac desktop web client but I don't feel it will be very reliable, I have already had problems with deleting messages (it's saying an error occurred and then the message is nowhere to be found)! Are there any other desktop clients anyone recommends?

Does anybody have any advice on this? My preference would be Gmail ideally, because the design and usability is perfect for what I need, and I also like the mobile version.

Thanks in advance!


Staff member
You could use IMAP in gmail assuming you can do that with your hosting, it would work the same way as using MS Outlook
Thanks both, I will try Gmail. I did try it the other day but I had issues with the send server, but I will give it another go!

Thanks again
have you got this fixed now as the send server sometime has issues that you need authentication, normally using the same login details as the incoming server. the other point may be that you need to change the port number.

if you check with your provider they should give you details on how to set this up.

last point is that if you are using a mobile provider via a gmail or other software for the smtp you sometime can not send mail unless you go through your mobile operator.

hope this helps


New Member
I use Mozilla Thunderbird to manage all my emails. You can download custom plugins and themes for it too. So it gives you the option of customization which is really nice.