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Web Idea?


this sounds daft but can someone give me a vague brief for a new website.

Basically its alright designing from 99designs etc however i feel more confident designing from a brief on here as i know you guys will actually look at it and slate/compliment it:)

Just a topic like food restuarant or taxi rank is fine:)

If you wanna ad more detail feel free:)

I just wanna give it a crack tomorrow as like a 1 day project:)

Yes call me crazy if you like:)



Senior Member
Here's one for a restaurant. Build a website for them.

Berry said:
Creative Brief:
The Drunken Goose - Restaurant

The Drunken Goose is a new contemporary English restaurant/brasserie/bistro. It will serve modern European meals with a twist and with innovation. It needs a brand identity that is fresh modern and quality. It is not a Michelin 5 star restaurant but it will serve high quality locally sourced fresh produce. Quality of the food is very important and it will be owned by a working high level chef. The kitchen will be open planned so diners will see the chefs working and the food prepared. There will be a an open bar area and people can come just to drink and socialise not just dine.

The ambience and decor of the interior will feature raw whitewashed or stripped brickwork, concreted style flooring, aluminium and glass lighting, woods/fabrics, stainless steel kitchen and earthy muted colours and hues. Their will be no set menu rather a fresh menu set daily and will have no more than a 20 dishes – starters, mains, desserts each day depending on what is in season and available. The restaurant or brasserie ( no name choice has been made) will be in in old newly renovated pub, It is not FINE grandious hotel dining but wholesome quality food well cooked in a modern environment with a heritage background. The feel and tone should be like the food – stylish, contemporary, simple, clean and modern with a twist. No obvious graphics of plates, cutlery, bottles, etc.

The restaurant will serve 80 covers per sitting, Average price guide is £5 starter, £7.50-£15.00 Main course, £4 Dessert.

The restaurant is owned and run by Wesley James Gilmour, Michelin Star chef who has worked and trained in France and London for 15 years.

A similar style of restaurant levels can be found at
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