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Web Hosting and Wordpress


I'm looking at creating an online portfolio for my print design work. I have limited experience designing sites using Flash but i am more than happy to use a free Wordpress 'Portfolio' theme that i can customise to get me started.

What i need is advice on 1) Where to purchase my domian name, and 2) What web hosting is Wordpress compatible.

I also need to know roughly how much space i will need to buy to host my site. This is the kind of site i'm aiming for:

Craig Ward / Words are Pictures

Very simple, clean and holding text and static images only.

Any help would be great!

London. U.K


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123 reg is probably the cheapest place to purchase your domain.

Wesh.co.uk is a good hosting provider I have used Uk based and media temple are also very good. There is a forum member who this site uses "open mind" I think so check them out.

If your new to it, I'd suggest just buying your domain with your hosting (from the same place) so you don't have to forward your dns.

For wordpress you'll need a server that supports php and has mysql databases included. Both wesh and media temple have "1 click wordpress installations" in the back end.

Space wise it depends on how much content you have but most packages are easily upgraded anyway so start small and grow as you need.


best to talk to the user Open Mind.

they are a kick ass hosting company and it fully supports Wordpress (I use it and on their server). You can also register your domain through them.


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The link you included looks like it was built on a script called Indexhibit - Welcome :: Indexhibit
Requirements for this are listed as:

Linux/Apache server*
MySQL 3.23+
FTP application (Mac: Cyberduck / PC: Filezilla)
* Apache on Windows is not supported

I personally use Openmind as TBWCF mentioned, I highly recommend them as their UK based and have great support, I'm sure Phil will let you know which account/plan would be best suited if you e-mailed, imagine it would be one of the entry level ones, nothing too pricey.

I'll definitely look into Open Mind then!

I also really like the look of Indexhibit (thanks Greg!), is this something that Open Mind web hosting would support?