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Web/Graphic Design required in return for Photography/PR

Discussion in 'Skill Swap' started by rob551, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. rob551

    rob551 New Member

    Hello Design Professionals,

    Would you be interested in an exchange of business services, your design experience for my photography, events and PR experience.

    I do need assistance with the following:

    1. Website redesign, I have a website with Photium.
    2. Business card redesign, I already have a logo.
    3. Letterhead design.

    I am moving more to commercial photography, for an example I wish to place on my website a full page on a product that I wish to resell with my photography as a package, as I am not a graphic artist or a website design wizard, I can only do the basics, and with so much competition in my field this does need to be done by someone with experience.

    If you wish to exchange business services I can provide my experience as a photographer, PR experience, and also I would promote your business on my website.

    Thank you for taking the time to view my post, and I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. DigitalYak

    DigitalYak Member

    Hi Rob, if you could let us know where you are based geographically that might help. This offer may be more of a opportunity for a designer in your local area who could benefit the most from your photography skills
  3. rob551

    rob551 New Member

    Hi thank you for your reply, it is appreciated.

    I am based in Blackpool.

    Thanks again.
  4. Stanz

    Stanz New Member

    Hi Rob,

    You might have had your website rebuilt already since this post was a little while back, but if not, we might be interested in providing you with a website in return for use of your Photography on our example websites.
    We make a product called Sketchanet which is a user friendly website building platform that makes it easy to design, build, and maintain websites. To give you an idea, here is what another Photographer has put together using Sketchanet -

    It is a subscription service, but we could instead do a trade for some of your photography.


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