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Web Development internship in internet start-up

Discussion in 'Design Jobs & Employment Forum:' started by Dhugal Dennison, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Dhugal Dennison

    Dhugal Dennison New Member

    The lucky candidate will see and be an integral part of the birth and growth of a new internet business enterprise.

    You will be able to gain real first-hand knowledge of the pros and cons of starting, running and growing a new business from scratch from an experienced business mentor.

    With yourself and one other intern, you will work closely with the Director at the Swindon-based head office.

    This opportunity provides up to a year of real hands-on experience that will prove invaluable in the current job market.

    After successful completion of the internship you will have experience on your CV, potentially some great references and if you prove dedication and enthusiasm... a job!

    Ideal for a young, hungry-to-learn College or Uni student / leaver or even a non-experienced professional looking to venture into a new industry.

    The internship is for a maximum term of 12 months with regular reviews every 2-3 months to discuss performance and explore developmental opportunities in our expanding business.

    Your role will be as follows;

    Web development (HTML, CSS and PHP)
    To learn and help implement web servers
    Liaise with offshore developers

    Your role will also involve:

    Website user testing
    Daily promotional work - blog posting, tweets, forum activity, Facebook & Linkedin*engagement, social bookmarking
    Investigate new ways to market the business
    Customer services / sales enquiries (via email & support systems)
    Be actively involved in brainstorming new ideas
    Routine admin and ad-hoc office duties.

    Your role will evolve and grow along with the expansion of the business and you will be expected to work without constant direction and guidance.

    The role will be challenging, exciting, eye-opening and above all... Fun!

    Skills preferred, but not essential:

    Quick and keen to learn
    Use own initiative
    Ability to multi-task
    Knowledge of web-based businesses
    Energetic and passionate
    Customer service skills

    All applications to be in by the end of May 2011
    Positions start in mid June 2011 (to be discussed)

    So, if you want the opportunity to gain some great experiences, learn new skills, get some glowing references, be a part of a new internet start-up and have the potential to be an employee in as little as 3 months then get in touch with me (Dhugal Dennison) on:
    01793 554 180

    Or post your CV to:

    Dhugal Dennison, 76, The Forum, Marlborough Road, Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 1QN

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