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Web Developer Needed


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Hi all.

I've been working on a new freelance/portfolio/blog site for myself. There is a thread on it here if you'd like to see how it's developed: http://www.designforums.co.uk/work-project-feedback-critique/1552-new-portfolio-website-layout.html

These are the latest visuals as they stand:

Home Page: http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z310/Krey20/HOME-PAGE-LAYOUT.jpg

Portfolio Page: http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z310/Krey20/RADIO-3-PAGE-LAYOUT.jpg

Blog Page: http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z310/Krey20/BLOG-PAGE-LAYOUT.jpg

Contact Page: http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z310/Krey20/CONTACT-PAGE-LAYOUT.jpg

I'm at a stage now that I'd like to turn there visuals into a working site. Unfortunately I just don't have the knowledge or the time to take the build on myself. I only have very basic html and I'm able to use the design interface in dreamweaver (please don't think any less of me!;))
I've decided to post this brief in the hope that someone with the knowledge, experience and time can work with me to build this site, get it working and give me basic instructions on how to maintain the blog etc.

The entire site will consist of: The Home Page, 8 Portfolio Pages, A Contact Page, and an integrated Blog.

I have my domain name registered and I have a basic hosting package that might well be useless as I had more meagre plans for the site when I bought it.

If you are interested in working with me on this please PM me with any other details that you might need to put together a quote. I'd also be interested in hearing how you would develop the site (wordpress? etc) as I'd like to do a little research into however it's going to be built to see if I can learn to maintain it myself at some time in the future when I have the time to devote to it.
An idea of lead time would be appreciated also, like every other customer anyone has ever had, I too would like the job done ASAP!:)

I think that covers everything initially but feel free to contact me/post any more questions that you might have.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Ken Reynolds


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May have to twist someones arm or rely on Forum comraderie to do you a favour and help build the site.

I'd be straight and play to their better side. Tell them what you have to offer as DF member, £50/£100/£200/ £10,000 etc.. What you can 'afford'. not what the job is worth in the real world. Then someone will say yes or no and you won't be sitting around the thread with your arse hanging out!.

Save everyone time, don't ask for quotes, just put a project fee that you can afford out there. ( True, we may laugh, but if your upfront and genuine, then the worst that can happen is they say no, the best that can happen is someone says yes.. I've always found it more expedient to say 'This is the job, This is my budget..Yes or No?" Good luck.


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Berry has a good point, to be honest if I or anyone else on here with the skills we're to quote on this it would more than likely be out of budget if you offer a "this is it" we/someone can take it or leave it


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Fair enough guys!
The reason I asked for quotes was because I have no idea what this job should cost, how someone would build it and what sort of time it would take. The only guidance I've had so far is a comment on a previous thread from Greg:
Greg said:
As for building it, should be pretty easy to code into a Wordpress theme, you could even use the custom field features in WP to manage the portfolio images on the home page, as well as the main folio section. If you're not keen on learning how to code WP themes you could outsource it to a WP theme coder, shouldn't be too expensive, guess it depends how much you plan to update it, as to whether or not it will be a worthwhile investment.
So please bear this in mind. I've set aside around £300-£400 as a budget for this, but I'd obviously like to keep costs as low as possible.
Again I claim complete ignorance, as this is the first time I've outsourced work, so this budget isn't intended as an insult, it's just the result of nativity and lack of experience in this area.
I'm in the position of now knowing the value of a service so I run the risk of low-balling everyone and insulting them or going in too high and getting a raw deal.

If anyone can help, or at least give me some advice, it would be appreciated.

Cheers, Ken


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Hi Ken,

Just to give you my opinion on that, I personally think that's a good budget (to achieve what I posted in reply to your other thread) I'm sure someone will be able to help. I'll keep an eye on this thread as there's a couple of developers I know of who are yet to join DF (I keep inviting them :p) so if there is nobody on DF who can help this time around I'll get in touch with them again/PM you their details :)



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I'm not getting involved in this bun fight............ off you go lads;)

Fred after you've finished with DF can you pop over to Iraq sort out the Middle East mess for us???


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lol @ berry i think iraq is sorted, now we just got to Finnish off what the Russians started and we prevented 30+ years ago! in Afghanistan :)


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Nice picture Berry is that from yours or Tim's libary of dirt?

I think a web build-off is in order as a future competition....