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Web Designer Equity-Stake Role


Junior Member

I am a member of a very small group of professionals who are collectively developing a unique recruitment related website-business model aimed exclusively at members of our particular field (architecture & engineering). We are looking for a highly ambitious, genuine and technically competent web designer(s) who will build and maintain our website in return for an equity stake in our proposed company.

I fully appreciate that an introduction like this will raise many alarm bells but please be assured it is entirely genuine. I also appreciate that were an agreement to be made, solicitors from both sides and a contract would need to be involved (though naturally funded by us).

If there is anybody on this forum who may have an interest, or may know of somebody who may have an interest, please give me an email. I work in Central London and would be very happy to meet for a coffee after work where we can chat informally about the proposed business.

I should note that our design for the website is pretty complex, we can't seem to find anything that compares. We do actually wonder if it is possible for it to be built. It is best described as a mix between LinkedIn and Monster, but with some very unique additions. As such, it may be too big a project for an arrangement such as this, but we would like to try.

Hope to hear from somebody.



07582 228724 (Email would be preferable in work hours)