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Web Designer / Branding Required

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by gorillabeats, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. gorillabeats

    gorillabeats Junior Member

    Hi All,

    A new and emerging field marketing agency based in Manchester/Bath requires a new website/branding/graphics to launch for SPRING 2009.

    We are already set to work with some fantastic clients and naturally would rather be working with a designer of our choice for marketing campaigns.

    We are also keen on working with students and giving new and emerging designers an opportunity to launch themselves within the industry

    Many thanks
  2. tim

    tim Senior Member

    I'm assuming you were the person I redirected off Shell LIVEwire? :)
  3. berry

    berry Active Member

    If you're launching in Spring 09, better get your arse in gear if you want to deliver.

    I'd be interested to know more about you, your agency and what this is all about on the forum

    BIG request for a first post to a new forum for such an important project to scattergun about. I would have thought you should have had this area nailed months ago?

    Clocks see what comes out of the woodwork in a short timeframe for such an important project.....
  4. tim

    tim Senior Member

    My bad, they posted on shell, so i thought a few designers/developers/whatever may want/need some work, so i sent them here. :)

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