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Web design resources

Hi Guys
I'm wanting to get into web development, I studied web design as part of my digital art Degree. basically just a static pages. But its something i keep saying ill pick that back up and never get round to it. So I'm getting round to it now.

Can Any web designers point me in the right direction of sites for resources or books etc.?

Cheers Sean mate. I would be starting from scratch without a doubt, things will no doubt pop back into my memory once i pick it up again. I've always loved web design so looking forward to getting into it. It will be no walk in the park to begin with but once i get the wheels rolling i'll hopefully be golden. Cheers again for the links.

Sean Lee-Amies

No worries, good luck with it mate, it can get very frustrating at times...! Let us know if you need any help, or want some more advanced tutorials ;)
Incredibly useful tools and resources for Web designers

1. Niice
2. Pixel Dropr
3. Designer News
4. Firefox’s Font Inspector
5. Cloud Comp
6. Sidebar.io
8. What’s My Browser Size?
9. Intuitive Color Picker
10. Timehub
11. Helvetica vs Arial
12. HEX to RGB Converter
13. PlaceIt
14. Heyoffline.js
15. Keynote/PowerPoint for UX Tests
16. Alfred Workflows
18. Chardin.js
19. Mincss


Staff member
notepad++ is the one I'm using at the moment, it's basically hand coding it though. I'm sure there are some 'better' options out there.