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web design partner

Discussion in 'Partnerships' started by patrickyoung, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. patrickyoung

    patrickyoung New Member

    We're looking to partner up with a web designer (someone who understands how to make a joomla or drupal site really tick and perhaps also databases). We're a UK pr agency (PRHQ) with experience of print publishing. The idea is to create and run a community orientated online magazine aimed at a niche but highly profitable market. Our director is Kizzi Nkwocha who is a pretty well known media figure. Is there anyone who would be interested in a project like this?
  2. georgerogers

    georgerogers Member

    This sounds very interesting and something I would do in my spare time as I have a full time job already. I have experience with joomla but not drupal. I have a few examples of work online at the moment, if you have any more questions then PM me.
  3. james.walters

    james.walters Member

    PM'ed you.
  4. CasiusJ

    CasiusJ New Member

    guys read the date of the original post...
  5. georgerogers

    georgerogers Member

    Oh yeah feel a little foolish now hahaha

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