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Web Design for Developing Countries


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Hi guys,

Been a while since I've been on here. As most of you know I've been away for a year at Bible College and it's been quality, loved it.

However, now's the Summer time and I've got a job on the go, making a website for a charity which publicises the treatment of clubfoot, a condition that causes feet to be turned inwards from birth.

The thing is, it's aimed at third world countries, specifically countries in Africa, South America and Asia. Now, as this is going to be read by doctors from those countries I'm going have to take into account what browser they will most likely be using and the screen resolution too.

I've not got much experience in designing for this sort of target audience, but my immediate reaction would be 90%+ will be using IE, probably closer to 95%, and most of those on early editions of IE, and again 90% will be browsing in 1024x768?

I don't think there's any stats on this sort of thing, but any thoughts on this regarding what browser to design to (a mate of mine was saying IE 5.5+) and also the resolution to be looking at are welcome.

Cheers guys.


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Heya, glad it was good and that you've got yourself doing something you seemingly enjoy.

StatCounter Global Stats - Browser, OS, Search Engine including Mobile Market Share

Shows some browser stats for different countries...
Obviously with all browser stats it's worth taking it with a "pinch of salt"

Issues with this data is it doesn't determine between versions of IE (I'd still like to think IE6 is a safe bet) and it doesn't determine between poorer areas and richer.

960 width IE6 ready is what I'd aim for.

With readable content on IE5.5


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Cheers Renniks, good little guide that. I was planning on 960 width using the 960 grid system as the basis so that sounds good to me. I'll research a little more regarding what browser release to aim for though.
Saw this earlier some of the stats at the end of the article may be of use