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Web Design Feedback

Hi All,

Started a branding job for a hair salon, and wondered what you guys think of the web design so far?

Feedback welcome :D


Not at the moment, I am working on the concepts and branding, which I'm showing them tonight.

Don't want to start developing it yet until they are happy with the brand and concepts.
Are you male by any chances? Why do I think that? Oh yes, it must be the fabulous looking half naked, clearly airbrushed model.

What does that image say to me? It says "What hope have I got of ever looking like that? No point me going there, think I'll just stick to my usual place, the one where all the old blue rinse brigade go. They charge a fraction of the price and at lease I'll get a decent cup of tea."

Just hope I'm not your target market.



(fabulous image though)


Staff member
first things that popped into my head
1) how's it going to scale to smaller screen sizes
2) why on earth did that woman want a comb over (and I agree about the overly airbrushed model - could do with a more 'real life' model)
3) how is going to work with google/bing search etc
While I think the design concept is strong, there are 2 main issues that you need to think about:

1. Scalability
I think you should mock-up the page in HTML to see how it works on a smaller laptop, mobile device etc.

While the concept looks great on a iMac 27" screen, I feel you might have to re-design to accommodate a smaller screen area.

2. Search Engines Optimization
Your layout has limited options for HTML text (and therefore you have very few keywords).

Ideally you should be looking to incorporate roughly 150 unique words to your page (these need to be HTML text and not text embedded in images). Within the 150 words, you can then add your keywords (but don't overdue it).

How to Build a Website with SEO in Mind | SEO.com

The only other thing I would add is that there isn't any call to action on your home page.

If you want to increase visitor response on your website then you should give them a reason to do something and connect with you. ie. Sign-up for 10% discount vouchers, book an appointment, view this season's latest hair trends etc.
I like the idea of the woman however the image doesnt say hairdressers to me.
The image in my head I get from the rest of your design I would say this is a young/hip salon and would of gone for maybe a more striking hair image that focuses less on the beauty of the woman and more on the hairstyle (toni & guy for example)

But obviously this all depends on who the salon want to target. Maybe if we had that bit of brief we could help you further?

I do like the clean design of the page so far but would love to see it in action to comment further. x


Junior Member
From what I can see, the design appeals to me that the salon is quite hip and into innovative hairstyling. If that's what the nature of the salon is, then you have achieved the target of protraying the salon's uniqueness. Overall, I am fine with the current design but can only comment further when the website is up with the links and functions working.
cheers for all the feedback people. Quite a few comments about the image. i gave them a selection of images to choose and that's what they went for, although it was not my first choice, i like the image.

I will start working on building it, so will update this when it's ready