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Web Design Critique

I like the colors/design, but it takes forever to load (over 30 seconds) - big nono - and there are a few bugs - rg in the top right hand corner its rendering some code.


Junior Member
Hahaha :p Thanks Jimlad! Developing some of the other pages now, and tweaked a few things on the home page:

- Changed section headers to Georgia Italic
- Changed project descriptors/skills to Georgia Italic
- Shifted the grouping lines to the right a bit (Thinking about taking them out all-together. Any thoughts?)

Hopefully I'll have some of it up soon :)


Senior Member
It's nice. But that's it really, just nice.

It needs some personality, some flair, something of yourself in there. All i see is gloss and white space, there's no 'definition' to it, substance, anything that makes me go... 'yeah, wish i done that'.

But at least it's nice.
Ok awesome thanks! Just a quick question first. Do you reckon I should have the header inline with the edge of the box? And should the footer be out of the box, also aligned to the edge of the box?
Okay guys. Went back and polished the design a bit. Changes:

I ditched Georgia for a few headings, but will still incorporate it somewhere... I also simplified the filtering 'mechanism' on the portfolio page, the result of which you can see in the third image. Oh and btw, the portfolio box got lighter and obtained a grey stroke on the homepage, which wasn't reflected in the portfolio or sorted pages...here goes: