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Web Design Contracts


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Hi guys,

Did a quick search and nothing came up immediately so here's my question.

I'm making a simple contract for a job I'm embarking on in the next couple of months.

What exactly do I need in there? I've read articles on sites that suggest x/y/z, but wondered what you guys think from experience.

Obviously it needs the deadlines, the brief that's agreed upon written out in full, pricing agreed and when payment is due.

Do I also need to put into it the consequences of missed deadlines and any leeway regarding deadlines missed? I will also be putting in there at the bottom that deadlines being met is dependant on emails being replied to within 24 hours of being sent so that I'm not waiting around and twiddling my thumbs when I need to be getting the work done.

Anything else you guys can think of? I've never done a contract before so it's something new to me.

Cheers guys.


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Anyone got any advice on this?

It's just something to have in-case the client pull's out half-way through or doesn't pay, and for the client so that they know I will get the job done and when to expect it by.

Any help's appreciated, I'll keep looking online.
Quick overview of the sections in my standard terms and conditions, don't have any web specific T&Cs at the mo but am working on it.

Billing/ Working Phases - Explains for large projects I bill in phases so if a project gets cancelled they only get billed to the phase completed.

Estimates - Just explains that estimates are estimates, therefore if the job changes substantially from the original brief a new estimate will be sent and needs to be signed off. Re-enforce does not include printing, stock image, illustrations purchasing etc.

Payment Terms- Standard 50% upfront, remainder within 30 days of completion invoice.

Early Payment Discount and Late Payment Policy

Schedules - Clarify that schedules need to be adhered to by client and yourself, and where not adhered to by client, delivery dates may alter and/ or extra charges incurred.

Copy - Explain sign off policy, designer is not responsible for errors or omissions on work that has been signed off. Clients responsibility to check for copyright/ trademark clearances etc.

Suppliers - Explain that while you may source printers/ hosting etc for them you are not responsible for any failures on their part.

Rights of Ownership - A bit about IP, rights to artwork yours until they pay up, sending original artwork files may incurr an extra fee. You reserve the right to showcase any work you do for them for your own self promotion


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Thanks Russel! Really helpful, I think I've got the contract all sorted now which is good, nice to concentrate back on the job in hand! I'll send it over to them today and see what they say. Thanks again.