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I am currently studying a Diploma of Graphic Design and I had been working on a web design for an assessment. I also have some questions I would like to ask as well. Please let me know if you have any problems with the links or the files. Here are the questions to make things a bit easier:

1. Is the site well structured?

2. Are there any problems with the other web pages (bright.html, gallery.html, etc)?

3. Is the font too small to read?

4. Is the page readable from further away?

5. Do the links work?

6. Is the font visible to see?

7. Are there any suggestions that could help me improve the webpage? (Colours, font, size of images, etc?)

Thanks. Your suggestions and feedback will be wonderful and it will help me improve more as a Freelance Graphic Designer.
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Please post actual URLs, I couldn't see the full URL in the link as you used a URL shorterener, please do not do that.


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Thanks. I seem to have trouble publishing my website from Dreamweaver. Is there a simple way of publishing my website without purchasing any hosting sites like GoDaddy or anything like that?


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Not really.

Hosting is so cheap these days, I've seen some offers of $2.99/month. Service is awful but as it's only a demo site this doesn't matter.

Have you asked your education establishment, most offer some sort of free hosting for projects.


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I don't usually like to plug stuff but my hosting is with The Little Chimp Society and their hosting is targeted at creatives and is only £30 per annum including you're domain name.

I recently had some issues with my site and and had to put up a new one (still a work in progress) and the level of help and service went the extra 100 miles which is why I'd recommend them all day long.