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Web 2.0 Pages

Squidoo Lenses are a great way of driving traffic to your site. Create one a month and mix up the keywords so as not to end up penalising your site. Ive got about 15 currently and all of them are doing very well as standalone pages in Google as well.

Unlikely to be potential clients yet the traffic and amount of links that are generated to your own website ensure you rank higher on your chosen keywords organically.

This example drives 25 visitors a day - add in the other 14 and you can get good footfall through your site :)

Choosing the right Freelance Graphic Designer is easier than you think...

Thats over 7500k visitors a year that Google notes from one page alone. Worth doing people if you want to promote your site. Add in HubPage versions, eHows and the rest and, well.... you can see how it works, especially if you provide alternative pages that link to your Squidoo page. All builds nicely in the background :)


Junior Member
I have squidoo account having 10 to 15 post. but i did not receive any traffic on my website from there. I don't know what is the reason.