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We Shoot Bottles


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Hello Ian,

Welcome to the forums, and I must say very nice execution of your product/service (shooting bottles) simple and effective.
One point to raise however, is the consideration on how the site has been built. Other than that nice one.


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I know where to go if I ever need a photo of a bottle :) Great shots.

Just curious, do you shoot for the brands themselves or somewhere else along the chain.


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Yeah, gave that link a shout on Twitter, nicely constructed site and good quality photos.

Seems a little cheap though, surprised you can't aim at a higher market than that.


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So just out of interest... I've never heard of anything like this but thinking about it, it's all rather logical that someone has to do this kind of job. Who are your main customers? I'm guessing wine salesmen? Perfumeries? Shampoo producers? I can imagine that they have lots of different bottles.
Thanks for your comments guys.

We shoot for individuals, students, bottle manufacturers, supermarkets, wine stores... more to come hopefully.
I love it, but one thing, not sure if it's been mentioned, there's a typo on your front page.

All prices are for our standerd bottle shots

standerd? standard right?
Not very appealing with typo's ;)
Nice site design and great product shots! :up:

The coding is pretty oldschool, but I guess you just wanted to show off the Photography (which is really good work). :)

Oh and welcome to the Forum Ian. Good to have you here!


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I could write you a reply that comments on the sites coding and the way its been built, using tables isnt the way to go but im going to forget all of that becuase of how much this website stands out!

I absolutely love it! Only addition I would suggest would be to have a button that when clicked scrolls slowly using javascript to your contact details...