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About us
ALLSYMBOL DESIGN FIRM is an interior decoration firm specializing in the fields of hospitality interior design,public spaces and private mansion design. The firm was founded in 2006 and it is now operated by the founder Chen Bin and his three partners Li Jian, Fu Yishen and Jiang Wei. ADF is one of the leading interior design companies in China. Every piece of work ADF created reflects the teamwork’s passion for beauty,our commitment to quality and our deep respect for the environment.More information about ADF can be found on its official website www.aedf.net

What we need
ADF is now looking for interior designers, who graduated from universities in Italy, France, Germany, Britain and the U.S. and those upper university students who are studying interior design in the countries mentioned are also welcome.

How to cooperate
The work will be part-time.Anyone who is able to do the project with us and is willing to join our team,please kindly send us your CV with a photo attached to this e-mail address 827549084@qq.com .We will contact you as soon as possible once we think you are eligible for the project.Generally you will be given about one week for completing it.In the end you need to show us a plane picture of your design and a video of explanation of the plane picture made by you.In addition,a 3D effect drawing and a construction drawing are needed.

About the pay
You will get paid once the work is completed. Time for paying you the remuneration can be set based on the agreement between you and us. For your design of an area of 100㎡-300㎡the pay will be € 100-€ 200.Once your design is chosen to be applied in reality, we will pay you a lot of money. More details will be communicated when we agree to cooperate.Additionally,we can build up a long-time cooperation relationship in the future if the initial cooperation is going smoothly.You are welcome to join our team.


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For reference 100-200 euros equates to about 3-4 hours of work in the UK for most designers in this field. This isn't a fairly paid project for those of us in the UK due to the time it would take to do the work you are asking for.