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Way out of my league

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by 1plus2, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    Hi guys n gals i have been toying with the idea of covering my whole house in posters either canvas or kraft paper or silk fabrics and the normal paper posters etc etc so i have been buying so many items but 1 thing that i cannot get my head round is i was trying to get a poster done for a wall size approx 63 inches wide 70 inches long but i am having no luck in getting what i was looking for.

    I then thought to paint the wall the background colour of the poster then just get a sign printer to knock up the wording or whatever i was going to do but i thought a canvas or poster might still be what i wanted so i persevered with that and tried to get what i was told i needed.

    This is where i am totally lost and way out my league even tho i have read numerous ways of trying to achieve what i was wanting as i said above was looking for to fill the wall size with an old lp cover of the Sex Pisols Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols. So i started doing some images ending up with the idea of 4 canvases or laminated posters approx 80cm square to fill the required wall size.

    This is when i got stopped in my tracks with the quality of the image for printing so i tried resizing the images still no good as the dpi is still what it is in the resizing of the image and was no good then i read something about resampling the image to get the 300 dpi that was needed to get a decent print but when i did that and sent it away to the guy to print off he said the original image still has only 72 dpi or 96 dpi (can't remember exactly) so still no joy so after trying various ways i am still getting nowhere fast and practically about to give up the frustrating thing for me is the guy actually said try resampling the image which i did using irfan view i did this to 300 dpi but he said about the original image still having the same amount of dpi in it even when i resampled the image.

    So i am basically doing this all wrong or i am doing something stupid and missing something completely trying to do what i am doing. So i thought i would download a image which was already 300 dpi from some site and sent it to the guy he said this was probably the worse one i have sent him quality wise ? so i ust about gave up after being told that but then i said nope i am going to at least try and find out why or what i was doing wrong just for my own sanity :icon_confused:

    I will attach some images of what i was looking to get done if that helps anyone to look at and tell me wtf i am missing or doing wrong.

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  2. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    Here is a screenshot i took with what i had thought i did by resampling the image to 300 dpi

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  3. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    Long story short, you can't add pixels that aren't already there... You can easily have this recreated from scratch at 300ppi though, although if you are having such a large print I would question as to why it would need to be 300dpi, as would it not be viewed from a distance? Similar idea to a billboard, they are not printed at 300dpi, as they as viewed from such distance it would be redundant.
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  4. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    Thx for the reply Carl yes i understand you can't add pixels that are not there but was told by the guy to try resampling it as that would prolly get the desired results but when i did this it still was no good but tbf i may not have been doing it correctly so i accept that, but probably the most frustrating thing was for me why the printing firm could not do whatever is to be done to get it to 300 dpi, but perhaps that's not a printers job as they are only really printing what you send them but i would have thought they would know what to do or who does it and point me in that direction.

    Regarding the size its not going to actually been seen from far as its a wall in my house i was trying to get it for but i thought doing 4 seperate images to join as 1 next to each other would be do-able, ie 80cms size canvas x4, but as i say this looks to be well out of my depth not really clued up tbh what is needed or how to do it well i do know what i need but not how to get it.

    This attached image was downloaded from a site that has free 300dpi images to look at but when i am saving the image is it being saved at only 72dpi or 96dpi instead of 300 dpi ? based on my laptops settings sort of thing.

    Reason i ask this is i sent the downloaded 300dpi image and he said this was one of the worst yet.
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  5. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    If you downloaded your attached image at 300ppi from Shutterstock, it wouldn't of been free unless you have a free trail with x-amount of free credits etc. If however, you sent the attached image, it would not of been 300ppi as that is a comp. Usually high quality stock images from sites like Shutterstock, Bigstock, come at a price.

    Regarding your resampling issue, as mentioned earlier, I would suggest having the artwork recreated at high res, preferably as a vector. That way you ensure you get the best results and a high quality / high res image. It is quite a simple poster, so would not be a problem for anyone worth their salt.

    Most printers do provide additional services from just printing artwork, usually at an additional fee. Maybe the printing firm are not offering to do it as they know they cannot achieve your desired result and do not want to be accountable for it. Looking at your image it is 280px squared at 72ppi & just under 100mm square; if I'm not mistaken you require this to be 300ppi & 800mm square. I mean, I doubt they would even waste there time attempting that, as it would look as though you'd need bifocal glasses in order to see it clearly at that size in it's current state. It is just not feasible to turn such a small, low res image into a high res, large sized image. Best bet, have it recreated as a vector.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
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  6. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    Thx again i just sent that as it came not resizing the image, as i say out of my depth here but this image i attached i resized but dunno if this is any good to send on here also i attach a screenshot of what irfan view says the resolution is, also another image i got from a site which is meant to be free 300dpi samples DSC_11009.JPG is this image a 300dpi ? or does it not matter the actual dpi pictures i save because my laptop cannot save them as 300dpi ? thx again

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  7. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    Also i came across vector images and what i thought was how to create a pdf vector image so i did that as well and sent it to another guy who had asked for a pdf vector but again what i did was no good, either the image i vectored as a pdf was no good or the actual process of me trying to get a vectored pdf was no good the latter makes more sense to me as i went in pretty much flying blind but after reading more i seen what i thought was needed to do to get the vector image but the guy said this was no good when i sent the vectored image.
  8. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    Those images are 72ppi. Obviously the sex pistols jpeg is 72ppi as it is a comp.

    Your laptop can save 300ppi images, unless you have next to no free space left on your hard drive and the image you are saving is larger than the space you have free.

    I can only assume one of two things (or possibly both) is happening here:

    1/ You are trying to get free stock images and saving the comps thinking / hoping you can get them 300ppi.

    2/ The free stock image site you are using, claims to have 300ppi images but in fact only has low res images, hence why they are probably free.

    If you send me the link I can maybe check it out for you?

    I can't really comment on Irfan, as I don't know too much about it to be honest, but from what I gather it understandably is not working, as what you are hoping it to do is rather unrealistic.

    Simple solution: Pay for the high res stock images from a reputable stock image company, and / or a designer to recreate what you need as a vector.

    If your guy said that the PDF Vector was not good, I doubt that the PDF contained vectors. It was probably a PDF of rasterised images. Vectors are made up of points not pixels, therefore there is no loss of quality when resizing to any size. That is why I recommend having the poster recreated as a vector should you choose to go down that route.
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  9. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    Thx again for the reply, i was trying some i just googled Animals and Insects - goose7 - Free Royalty Free Stock Photography 25 Sites to Download Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Textures - Free Big Pictures - high resolution images Free ยป DSC_11009 Textures from TextureKing

    I was only trying to grab any 300dpi pic to dowload/save to see if it came up as 300dpi in the information box on irfan view bvut i think you hit it on the head when you said i was thinking the pics would be downloaded saved as 30dpi on my lappy
  10. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

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  11. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    So if i saved one of those or downloaded one would that still be 300 dpi ? then i could send to this guy to see if that image is any better than the ones i have sent him thx
  12. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    It can be 300 ppi and be the size of a postage stamp.

    Literally be 50mm x 50mm at 300 ppi.

    Scaled to A4 that would be now a 72 ppi image.
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  13. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    I have given up even trying to understand this, thx for your time and reply.
  14. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    Well it's 300 pixels per inch (ppi)

    If it's 50mm then that's 1.9685 inches

    Your image could be 1.9 inches (50mm) @ 300 pixels per inch.

    A4 size is 8.2 inches

    When you increase in size from 1.9 inches to 8.2 inches that's 431% increase (8.2/1.9*100 = 431)

    Therefore - increasing your image from 1.9 inch - 300 pixels per inch - image to a size that's larger means there's less pixels per inch.


    In essence you have a tightly packed ball room that's 50 foot height 50 foot width and 50 foot depth. There's balls everywhere! There's in fact 300 balls in this room evenly spaced out.

    Now take a room that's 300 foot wide, height and depth. And put the same amount of balls in there evenly spaced out.

    There's going to be less balls per inch.

    Does that make it clearer?
  15. 1plus2

    1plus2 New Member

    Thx again for the reply and yes i do understand what you are saying sorry i probably worded the "i give up comment" wrongly what i really meant was i give up trying to achieve getting the images i want as 300 dpi by whatever way i was trying resampling, resizing (which i now know are nowhere near the same thing) etc etc so i am giving up trying to get whatever images i have changed to 300dpi, naievley i thought that it was just a case of getting the image then making it into the 300dpi that the guy was asking and hey ho thats it but nothing i did was right for as i say way out my league on this.

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