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WANTED: Full Time Graphic Designer - 1 Month Contract [Video Game Graphical Assets]

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WANTED: Full Time Graphic Designer - 1 Month Contract [Video Game Graphical Assets]

My name is Michael Porter and I am currently looking for a graphic designer to help me with my next video game project.

A little about myself, I am a small indie game designer and have had a small amount of success with my last project "Save the Creatures". (Currently available on Steam)
I am currently working on a new project that I am looking to move forward with and I need a designer to create the assets for the project.

This will be a full time contract in which I would expect the designer to work 9-5, Monday to Friday for four weeks. The designer will be working from their home and will update me at least two times a day with how everything is going. I would also like an update once a week using Skype for a more thorough update on the progress of the work.

As this will be a contract, payment will either be made weekly, fortnightly or at the end of the contract as agreed with the designer.

The project I am working on will be a mobile, casual game that is based on digging / mining and I will divulge more info to interested parties.

If anyone is interested please PM me with details of previous work and quotes.
Thanks All.
✈Hello Mr.Michael, my name is Chuck from Rome.

I'm a register graphic and web devloper in rome.

Kindly, reach via twitter for further discussion in regard's to your project"Full Time Graphic Designer"

Chuck Final Touch Design✈✈
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