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want to help me out with a .swf?


Senior Member
anybody particularly good with flash files? i'm learning at the moment, but need a flash file of money coming out of an ATM machine for a small project.

anybody able to help?

thanks in advance :D


Active Member
That might be asking a bit much Tim!!
I'm not very experienced with flash but imagine that could be a lot of work. I know it's a long shot but have you tried any of the Flash stock file sites? Like Flash Den and iStock?


Senior Member
ooo thanks guys.

yeah thought it was a cheeky ask. better to have tried and failed than to have sat on your arse doin' nothing.:D


Active Member
No worries Tim and yes better to ask, hopefully one of the stock sites will have something suitable, didn't know that Shutterstock did flash files & videos so I've learnt something from this thread :)


Sorry Tim, I tried to find something to make it for you but i couldn't locate it (i knew a mate of mine who did something similar in flash a while back).

I unfortunately don't have the time to build that in Flash for you :(