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Wallpaper for Opencart theme

I'm working on Opencart website with the Journal theme. Please see following links:

As you may see, background plays an important role, so I really need to choose a neat one. The topic should be fitness, gym, workout, supplements or something else related to that. I've already browsed through a lot of wallpapers on Google, but couldn't find any appropriate ones. If possible, background should be in yellow or blue color (or a combination), which even hardens the choice since most of such wallpapers have white or black background, which is not really suitable for my case. Implying to the demo wallpapers from upper links, wallpaper should be rich, full of colors but not oversaturated.

It's a really tough topic, finding a good wallpaper for football, skiing or any other more popular sport would be a breeze. I've already considered on taking a nice blue background and putting fitness model on each side of it, but it would probably come out amateur. I'm just not that skilled in Photoshop.

My question is practically a request. I would be glad if you could provide me any ideas, advices, good links where such wallpapers/backgrounds can be found, maybe even some examples etc.? Thanks in advance :).

Sean Lee-Amies

Hi Keneki, sorry that your post wasn't responded to as quickly as usual. I suspect the reason no one has replied is because you're asking us to do your work for you. We operate on more of a you show us what you've done, and we'll tell you how it can be improved type thing.
I think it's always good to provide photography of the business the website represents, but in this case, I'm guessing this is just a retailer of sorts, it might not be possible. If you're really struggling then I would suggest possibly looking at the increasingly popular design trend of blurred background images: http://www.verious.com/article/web-design-trend-showcase-blurred-backgrounds/
Take note particularly of the "Color" Entry (which doesn't work btw) as it's a good example of an abstract, blurred background image as opposed to the rest which actually include something to look at. Either are good though.