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Wall mural printing

Hi- i am researching for an assignment and am interested to know if anyone has any experience with printed wall murals? I have seen there are different materials they can be printed on (vinyl, woven polyester fabric, paper) and the complexity of installation varies and so i am wondering what others' experiences of these has been? Thank you


Staff member
I do some work with a mural company and we tend to use all sorts of methods but they tend to be unique to each job.
We use cut vinyl quite a bit as stencils for things like tricky lettering and paint through them using Montana94.

Recently we've been using large scale, B+W plotter prints that you paste up a but like a poster or wallpaper (in sections) which can be pretty cheap and really affective.

Think we've also used the printed vinyl on a few occasions but can't recall using fabric.


New Member

I personally love these wall murals, and I have done wall murals in my living room, and it’s just awesome, my husband loved it. Like you mentioned, they can be done on different materials like vinyl, fabric, papers etc, but it can be used in living rooms as well. I got the inspirational ideas from a blog ( http://www.clubink.ca/blog/wall-mural/3-wall-mural-options-living-room/ ), and implemented them. You can get anything printed, from wallpapers to photographs. That’s my experience with printed wall murals. Hope this helped.