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I am looking to buy an drawing tablet, for a while now I have been looking at the intuos4 medium version. Just looking for some advice and personal experience with this product or any other tablets out there that you would recommend.

Thanks in advance



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Hi, I presume this has been covered before if you do a search.

I have an Intuos3 A5 from a few years ago and I use it all the time. Wacom are regarded as the best, and like everything, you get what you pay for. Some say the Bamboo is ok if you're on a budget.
I've used intuous tablets in the past but now use Bamboo. I've found the Bamboo to be just as good for general usage, especially for the price. I think a lot of illustrators prefer the Intuos due to greater custom control of flow etc, so will depend on your day to day usage.

Just upgraded to the new Pen and Touch model with wireless adapter and it's great. The battery charge lasts about two days of normal use, and fully charges again via usb in about 3 hours, the touch pad works really well, which is great as Apple seem to want to make you use gestures for everything. The only niggle I have is it doesn't seem to support the swipe left/ right to go back and forward in browsers.


I'm thinking of getting a Bamboo for Xmas this year :) glad people think that they are good :D


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I got a Wacom Intuos 3 A5 Wide about a year and a half ago off eBay... Lovely piece of kit! Really nice to use! Before then I had a wacom tablet that was so old it wasn't even supported driver-wise.

Can't go wrong with an Intuos.


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Intuos 3 A5 wide limited edition here (ie a black one :)). It's a nice enough bit of kit but maybe overkill for those who aren't going to use it day in day out (like me).

I'd say take a look at a new bamboo if you're not going to use it all the time.


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After doing some digging the intuos seem the best tool for me, I wasnt sure what size to get medium or large but after doing some diggin everyone raves about the medium version and thats all you really need for day to day use anything else is a waste of desk space. I will have a look at the intuos 3 see what deals are out there.

I use a Bamboo every day. Good price, good quality great control.
I've used the Pen and Touch. The swipe actions are useful and doubles as a track pad.

However if cost is not an issue go with the Intuos 3 is the one.