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Wacom Tablet - Recommendations?


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Here's the scenario: I first bought my current Wacom tablet from a fellow student at uni back in the day... about 5 yea- no wait... jesus... 7 years ago! And it was obviously old then.

It served me well and worked fine with the drivers provided for Windows XP.
I now have an iMac, for which there are no drivers for this tablet either on disc or online. Its THAT old. And it works like crap - about as responsive and accurate as a drunk hobo smoking skunk on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? And I need an upgrade.

Now unfortunately, money IS an object, and in limited supply at that right now. So basically - does anyone have any affordable Wacom Tablet recommendations for A6 size?
I've seen some suspiciously cheap ones but obviously you get what you pay for.


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bamboo fun (new version is the touch range which adds 'touch') should do you, they're in a few sizes. Now they don't have all the pens of the intuos and they don't have tilt/rotate iirc but if you can get away without them they should do you fine.

Should be available for around £75-150 depending on model and size.

Alternative is second hand intuos 3
Really depends on your budget, not tried a bamboo, but I've not heard anything too terrible about them. I have a graphire 3 and it's brilliant and didn't cost the earth. As well as an old digitizer ii which is great (but will give up the ghost one day :(

maybe worth checking ebay?


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I brought a bamboo a year or so ago and found it to be pretty in accurate. Fine if you only want to use it to give your wrist a break over a mouse, but if you actually want to use it for work spend the money and get one of the intuos range I had one in a previous job and it was superb. Expensive, yes, but my experience is that you DO get what you pay for.
I have a bamboo - my bf surprised me with one - I wanted one of the intuos ones but i quite like it although i couldnt do anything major with it because it is inaccurate. I would pay a little more for a better quality one :)
I'm still using my trusty Graphite which I picked up off eBay for about 15 quid.
The Graphire 4 model (that you used to use) are only about £70. Although I rekon you could get one for less.

There has been a thread on Wacom Tablets...check out those Jimbo.


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mrp2049 said:
I havr an aiptek tablet that is massive and it was under £100 new

Aiptek Media Tablet 14000U: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

I have used the cheaper wacoms and the expensive ones too, honestly I couldnt tell the difference. I'm sure there are people who will tell you there is a massive difference, but they are probably loosers with intuos 4's and fully understand why its bettter.
I've literally just come onto DF from Amazon where I was looking at one of the Aiptek tablets.

I was wondering if they are any good and guess that's just answered my question. Good timing, Thanks Mike :up:


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Damn didn't mean to produce a duplicate thread. Now I've actually used my eyes I see the others.
I might go chasing the Graphire 4, since I'm so used to it... though they seem few and far between on my last search. Maybe I'll try looking for a cheap(ish) Intuos. Thanks.