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Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet?

Hey everyone,
I really want a Wacom tablet. I had a really cheap one when at college and it was ok but it wasn't made by a well known manufacturer.
Does anyone have any thoughts on the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch? Or maybe recommend one. Or indeed own one and could tell me what they think? I would be using it in Illustrator mainly and don't think at this stage I need one that costs ££££. I'm hoping a tablet will allow me to draw freely and digitally doodle if you like :) but I heard they take some getting used to. Or is that just in cases where you ditch a mouse all together?


Well-Known Member
It has to be Wacom, I think. I've had an Intuos 3 medium for years and I use it all the time. It's a must for illustration even
if it's just for retouching, not sure about graphics.
I believe the Bamboo is ideal for starters, or look for a second-hand Intuos. I can't remember having any difficulty getting used to it. I have a pencil in my
hand half the time, so a digital pen is 100 times more natural than using a mouse.
Thanks - Great info. Glad it's pretty much like a pen (I've made that sound silly - because it is).
Will definitely look into it :)


Staff member
I've been singing the Bamboo's praises on another thread and for the money they're cock on.
It does take a little bit of getting used to as you look at the screen and sketch on your tablet which is a bit un-natural at first but it soon comes.
I mainly use mine for Illustrator and I'm really stuck without it now as it's SO much better than a mouse.
I've found no difference between the Bamboo and the Intuos when using AI apart for the Bamboo is smaller which I prefer really.