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Virtual machines


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Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac
VMware Fusion: Run Windows on Mac for Desktop Virtualization

Those are the two biggest competitors, and though there are some indie alternatives, I don't have much faith in them.
So, who has been using either of them? I used to work with CrossOver and I was somewhat happy with it because it happened to run the games I wanted (although not 100%), but that's it.

I pretty much only want it to play games and possibly run some bits of software. Frankly I don't care about browser testing because I can just use a different computer for that when I have to. And it's not like there aren't any alternatives to browser test :)


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Kevin said:

I pretty much only want it to play games and possibly run some bits of software.
bootcamp ;)

I'm pretty sure that parallels is the way to go due to better dx9/10 support than vmware. They're pretty similar these days though and I fully expect vmware to improve with it's next version.

I will say that I've used vmware on windows and thought it was pretty well supported, I've also heard some stories about parallels being pretty poor on support.

Tim will more than likely give a more definitive answer though.


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I don't want to have to restart every time to play a game; been there, done that.
Tim won't have an answer though cause he simply hates everything even remotely Windows related :p


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I have VMware Fusion running a windows xp virtual machine and it works fine, only issue I had was poor performance when I moved to Snow Leopard on 1GB of RAM, but it speeds along since I upped it to 3GB.

I sometimes use it to play ThemeHospital. :)