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Vinyl print, applied to guitar scratchplate

Anyone able to help?

Looking to get a graphic printed (I'd guess on a vinyl) and applied to a fender stratocaster guitar scratchplate.

Cheers in advance for any help!

Tom Sound

Active Member
Hi Jamie,

We can do this for you and profile cut it for you if you supply a cutter guide with the artwork.

I'm off work at the moment but if you email us from the contacts section of our website my colleague will sort you out.



Thanks for the replies.

Someone has expressed interest in getting a custom made scratchplate for a guitar for a gift, I figured the best way would be to have a design printed onto the same kind of vinyl that is used on vehicle wraps, then applied to the plastic.

Cheers for the replies, I'll be in touch!


Senior Member
I've painted them, used vinyl decals, and looking towards a custom laser cut one in the near future...

I find that the vinyl can be difficult if you are a sweaty guitarist!
I can definitely see that!

To explain further…

The scratchplates are highly unlikely to actually be put onto a guitar…
The idea is to create some nice custom scratchplates, that can be taken to gigs and signed!

The potential recipient has taken scratchplates, tickets, straps and even guitar necks to gigs before to have them signed, and been very successful so far!

A nice little idea was to have some of them with a nice graphic on them…

Anyway - we'll see what I get back price wise! Might not be a goer if it's going to work out too costly!