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Versus Magazine

Hey I'm the Editor/Designer of Versus Magazine - A publication which initially started out as a self directed brief for university but spiralled out.

Versus Magazine looks at music and design; featuring interviews, showcases and more. Our first issue was released recently, and I would like to spread it out as to many people as possible for obvious reasons. As well as feedback which I feel will help improve the aspect of the magazine for future issues.

With us having a lot planned for future issues with a website upcoming, many more interactive elements etc.

Issue #1 - http://issuu.com/vsmagazine/docs/issue1

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/versusmagazineuk

Twitter - @vsmagazineuk

Hope you enjoy the magazine, and provide myself and the team some feedback be it here, on ISSUU or on our facebook.


Konrad Ziemlewski


Junior Member
The content looks interesting. The only thing that I don't understand : inside your magazine, the light yellow color is preponderant, while the cover (and logo) are light blue. They're of the same tone, but inside your pages, the blue is absent. I know mixing them wouldn't be so nice-looking, but... they're the only colors that look cool. Try working more on that.

Another thing that should be fixed : your Facebook cover. The fisrt line (VERSUS MAGAZINE) is shifted to the right compared to the second one (A RETROSPECTIVE...). That's a detail few people notice, but once I see it, I can't keep looking at it. I would have put the left-top of the A letter right down the left-bottom of the V (doing a nice obstusangle shape) and start the bold line (underscore) at the same vertical level as the V's right, completing blank space between the extremes.
Wow! Your first publication is amazing so I'm pleased your uni projected spiralled out of control.

The content is great and the length of each piece works well. I love the layout and colours inside but I agree with Avigrafia about the front page being totally different. Will you be doing that each release?

....and if you're ever looking to write a short article about a clothing brand that prints its own stuff then let me know ;)
Thanks for the suggestions, the idea behind the front cover is for it to be illustrative and the in terms of a colour scheme it will be totally dependent on the sort of illustration on the front. I didnt get time to do much illustration this issue, but next issue the style will be more predominant throughout.

Also thanks for the compliments!