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Versus Magazine Summer 2012 Issue

Hey Guys,

Since I got such a useful response to the magazine and its direction before I thought I would give you lot a heads up to the new issue for 'Summer 2012' we just released.

It's only our second issue, but we feel we made a fair amount of steps forward with it.

Were hoping to provide the best news/features/interviews for design and music each issue.

We also have a website in development and print issues on the horizon.

http://issuu.com/vsmagazine/docs/vmsummer2012 <-- Magazine

Looking forward on hearing your thoughts



P.S. if you would like to follow us you can @VRSMAG and on facebook at fb.me/versusmagazineuk
I can give some feedback. The whole feel and look of the magazine is awesome and I'm not just saying that because I've got a cheeky little feature. The range of interviews and content you've got fits incredibly well together and the readability is right up there. Also, the adverts you do have don't look our of place.

Definitely keep them coming.


One of the first things I noticed whilst in my Try to find flaws with anything mode was the yellow background you've used for a number of headers and text sections. The white text is of too low contrast for it to be easily read, especially on page 8. Perhaps it looks different in print but on my monitor it's not looking too great.

Also, for a creative magazine, the sans serif font you've chosen seems rather boring and emotionless.

I do like the content though, let's hope more people take on board the information shared on page 14.