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Versus Magazine Spring'13

Hey Guys,
I have been running/designing Versus for a while now. We recently released our latest issue, where we attempted to up the ante on everything both design and content wise. Try to get it to some sort of standard were happy with.
The magazine tries to blend both urban music and design in one cool mix.
You can find our latest issue here - http://wp.me/p2W7ko-8k
I would appreciate if you guys would be nice enough to tell me what you think, what you like/hate etc.
Thanks a lot!


Staff member
I'll be honest here... I'd be more inclined to help if you joined in more between the magazine 'announcements....

Tony Hardy

Yeah, it'd be good to see you about the forums a bit more. People aren't going to respond well to posts like this.


Senior Member
The guys are spot on here Konrad. You've only made 11 posts and each one has been an effort to gain something from the forum. Try giving back first and getting involved, the more contacts and relationships you build the better your feedback is gonna be when you need it in the future.
Sure, it'll take some time, but theres no quick fix. At this stage you are asking for feedback from a group you don't even know, for all you know you could be taking comments from some of the worlds worst designers, you have no idea who is who - and who's opinions you trust and respect until you get involved in the forum and get to know everyone.
That is fair enough guys and more than understandable. I will defo try hang around more once I complete my degree in 3weeks. Since the forum is a nice read whenever I visit.