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Veng Longboards | Web & Logo Concept


Senior Member
This is a fictional project, I was really bored and got some new brushes etc to try out - wasn't sure what to actually try and make and then thought of revenge longboards, started working on a logo and thought VENG sounded a bit cooler, Consequently ran with this logo:

So that was the inspiration which lead to:

Body text and board images from neversummer
08.09 { Skate Collection } Never Summer Industries

Feature images from loaded longboards
Loaded Longboards


Anyone got any feedback? Like I said its not a real project so no clients to please or briefs to meet!


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Heh thanks tim! too many hours spent on photoshop I guess :)

I do what I do because I love doing it, that and theres honestly nowt on TV! its all about brushes and layers!


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lol! yeah, there's crap all on TV. oh wait... there's Dave, showing repeats of their repeats of BBC's repeats of Top Gear from 2004's repeats.

but yeah, i know about brushes and that, but never ever ever, have i managed to create something like your work.


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Give it ago - try and work from the centre outwards - or you'll end up with a glorified border!
Find a photographers portfolio and use their images to play with, if the photography is already good you can only really improve! obviously this is for personal use only but practise is practise!

(Teach me to code and I'll teach you my limited knowledge! lol)


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Looks great to me Brendan, spot on with the fictional target audience in my mind, really nice layering and still doesn't look OTT, nice colour scheme by the way, as you may have guessed vibrant blues with darker greys and white are my fav!! :D