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Veggie Trumps - Childrens Educational Game

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by Mike, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Mike

    Mike Senior Member

    Hi all,

    I have posted about this a few times and Im finally at a point where Im pretty happy with what I have.

    The site is Hi! - Veggie Trumps! - and for anyone who didnt see me mention it, its a fun site to help kiddies learn about fruits and veg!

    Love to hear your comments.


  2. wac

    wac Senior Member

    very handy, I think this is a cracking way to get children interested in nutrition in a fun way.
  3. Mike

    Mike Senior Member

    Thanks Wac :)
  4. Mark Alexander

    Mark Alexander Senior Member

    Couple of things,

    Are the interesting facts really that interesting to your target audience? I'm assuming it's younger kids. I'm not sure they'll care that turnips are 'also used in making aash - a popular Persian soup'. Maybe write your own that play a bit more on the imagination.

    The how grow-your-own-ability scale is a little confusing. I think the standard for difficulty scales is to have less 'stars' being easier, more stars harder. Seems a little counter-intuitive to me.

    From a nutritional standpoint, I think it'd help to have portion sizes on the cards, and I'm not sure why protein and carbs are stats, but fats are missed out.
  5. Mike

    Mike Senior Member

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the site :)

    Its a very good point about the "interesting" facts and I have pulled them already whilst i get them better!

    The seed scale thing im not sure i agree with you on, but just to be sure i added a little bit of text to clarify!

    With regards to the stats, I have had to be quite careful as it wouldnt be right to have fat as the basis of top trumps is "highest wins" - this is why the calorific value is listed as energy - I wouldnt want little jimmy briggs wanting to trump the apple with a big mac! if that makes sense.

    Thanks again for the feedback and hopefully you saw something you liked :)

  6. Renniks

    Renniks Senior Member

    Why not have lowest fat wins then?
  7. Mark Alexander

    Mark Alexander Senior Member

    Oh, I do like it, I think it's a great idea in itself, I just like to get down to business when it's a critique.

    Maybe you're right though, the complexities of a perfectly balanced diet might be too much for a kids game.

    It's just that a lot of people seem to hold the idea that fat is always bad, when in fact the right fats are an essential part of a healthy diet. You see this attitude all over the supermarket with the abundance of 'fat-free' products, but it's a surplus of calories in general (no matter which macronutrient they come from) that will make you overweight.

    I've gone off on a tangent here, the best and most effective course of action is probably to get children on the 'right track' to a healthy lifestyle, and then worry about the specifics later. That's what you seem to be doing, and that's a good thing. Not that I'm suggesting you hold/are promoting the attitude I described anyway, it's just something I see often. Either that or people avoiding carbs.
  8. Mike

    Mike Senior Member

    Thanks Renniks, this was considered, but i wanted to keep it as simple as possible :)

    Thanks, I do know what you mean, this game is more aimed at getting kids (and adults) comparing healthy foods, and getting to know the fruits and veg. The full dietry learning will come later with the teacher or parents!

    Thanks again!
  9. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    Hi Mike, Im a great believer in healthy eating for children, and I think education is the key so i love the idea!
    i have actually already designed concepts for a very similar idea to what you have done here. I produced playing cards based on the top trumps idea using superhero themed fruit and veg. You can see them here... dave will design: Superhero Top Trumps - Healthy Heroes & Evil Villains

    I also produced a simpler game for pre-school kids after researched showed that many under 5's struggled to recognise every day fruits such as strawberries and grapes. You can see that here...
    dave will design: Toddler's 'Healthy Eating' playing cards

    I really tried to get the cards mass produced to sell but kept hitting dead ends! Id still love to get them out there one day tho so if anyone has any contacts please let me know.
    Pattaya appartments
  10. Mike

    Mike Senior Member

    Thanks dave!

    I have been working on these for about 5 years now! But I'm determined to get them out there! It's just finding the right printers! :)
  11. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Mike loving the idea.
    From reading the site I have learnt a lot as well.
    For instance I never knew that Strawberries, apples, pears and say about 7 more foods/cards where vegetables. I all ways assumed they were fruits TBH.

    O no wait they are fruits not vegetables. O that is a tad confusing. :D

    If your going to try to sell this idea to teachers who are trying to educate their students about fruit and vegetables you may either want to change the name or stick to just vegetables otherwise it will be like. But miss Apples are a vegetable not a fruit, remember that game we played the other day?

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