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veer images - bill gates influence ?

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Is it me or has anyone else noticed a drop in service at Veer since they were taken over by Corbis ?
I used to love that they were small and selling themselves as the designer's friend, but now they're part of the Bill gates empire, what next ? :cry:
Maybe they just don't rate small customers.
Ok end of rant -if no one else has noticed maybe i just hit a bad day.
Hi Emmi,

I'm the Senior Manager for Customer Sales and Service at Veer in North America. I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience with us. It is true that we are now owned by Corbis but we endeavor to provide the best service possible and many of the same people you may have spoken to in the past are still here. If you are located in North America you can reach me at 877-297-7900 x.165384, if not please email me at jmatricardi(AT)veer.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jonathan Matricardi
Senior Manager, Customer Sales and Service - Veer/Corbis


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This is kinda scary. Unless this "Emmi" has been posting this around quite a few places, in which case, I kinda see how this has happened/why.


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Or its a second account of the Veer guy, post a thread about it then wait a few hours, then sign in to the other account and post a nice response making yourself look good.


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Good point Kudo. IP checking might be worthwhile, if Emmi sticks around the forums maybe Greg should leave the thread up, if not then just delete it?
Hey guys,

I'm legit, I'm not 'Emmi'. We have a big design team here and they surf a multitude of forums and blogs. When they see a post like this they let me know. As the manager of customer service I consider it my duty to reach out to someone who has had a bad experience and try to make it right. That may sound cheesey but that's all there is to it. Honestly, it's not about the bad press as much as the fact that we did not meet the needs of a customer and may lose them for good. I apologize if you feel I have violated your space here, but my only intent was to help if I could.


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