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Vector Shape conundrum

Ok this may not actually sound as puzzling to some, but being a newbie to Illustrator and InDesign, it is something which I am hoping an expert can answer.

I am trying to create a shape in Illustrator which I can then import into InDesign and use as a picture frame (so I can place photos inside it). The shape is a simple square with the opposite corners being two rounded corners and two right angled square corners (does that make sense?)

Now I have easily created this in illustrator by drawing a square with rounded corners, deleting the two opposite corners and replacing them with right angles that I have cut from a conventional square shape.

What do I need to do next to create this shape so that it has a simple continuous stroke outline and can be used as a frame in InDesign?


Once you have made the shape in Illustrator, copy and paste it into InDesign, then once you have selected an image through the place option under file you get some crosshairs for where you want to place the image, click inside the shape you created.. viola. I hope that helps.
Ooh I tried that but it seems it is not recognised as a 'complete shape', thus a photo cannot be placed inside.

I think the problem I have is in Illustrator... I have not been able to join the nodes where I have replaced the corners, so the stroke is not continous??


oh.. you do need to have it as being a complete shape, if you draw the shape and make sure that all the ends are connected together you shouldn't have any problems.