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Vector Maps


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Evening All,

Looking for some advice, I have a client who has contact me with a project regarding counrty maps.

They are looking for:

  • 5 country maps to start - China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh
  • 1 map which shows the top 5 countries together (with other countries visible, but discrete)
  • Then the possibility of a further 10 maps developed - Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Ukraine, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Poland
  • We want to be able to see the districts/states/regions within a Country. India is the best example as we deal with each district differently
  • Again using India as an eg. I found it very difficult to find any sort of map online that shows exactly what I want – they either have colours but no region names, or are too detailed. It would be great to have the region names on the map, along with key cities in each region, but try to keep the map simple. It would also be great to in some way show the surrounding countries by border and name, but without any emphasis being taken away from the main country
  • I would like the maps to be high resolution so they can be printed, but in a format where we can add information over the top then resave still as a high-quality map. I don’t know whether that’s possible, but my plan is to update the map content regularly with new grants information as they are signed.

Not much like :)

The maps are going to have to be A2 sized so that they can be used in a range of sizes from A4 to A2, and of course as a vector file.

Does anyone know of anywhere that you can purchase these kind of maps? I have done a wee bit of research but its mainly american companies and they are pretty much focused on the USA and have some countries maps but nothign that really fits the bill.

Any help is much appreciated!

I might be sounding a little bit - old school - but could you not illustrate the maps yourself (using existing maps from the net as initial templates?).

If not try istock and similar sites for vectorised maps.
Surely it wouldn't take that long to illustrate them yourself? Perhaps scan in a printed map and trace the vectors over the top?

Interesting project, let us know what you decide!?


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thanks all for the replies.

Time doesn't allow for tracing the maps from scratch for the amount of work that they need as there is more to the job that i posted.

i have found this website which has the level of detail they they require and would allow maps details to be overlayed if necessary:


Plus the they are prices quite reasonably as well.

Had a look at that blog greg and the map font is very useful actually, thanks for that!



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Cool, glad you've found something suitable Tom :up:
Thanks for posting that link to this thread, I'm sure it will come in useful for others searching this topic in the future.