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vector graphics

i reallly want to up my game in vector graphics, but im not sure how to do this.

im using illustrator cs4

id love to create vectors like Hydro74 - Piety within Progression i think he is amazing

he only uses pen tool i think? but i know theres loads of customisation tools but im not sure how to use them? i cant really find options to play about using vector tools

is there anyone on here who could maybe point me in the right direction to some videos or tutorials?

Lots of Illustrator tutorials on line. Have a look.
I do a lot of vector work and just use a Wacom tablet. Easier to create using a pen than a mouse.

Don't forget to pencil/pen sketch out your drawing first and work over the top to start off with.
Use your skills the computer will not create for you.

Good luck.

If that doesn't work pay someone to do the vector work for you.


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I've watched Hydro74 on ustream once or twice. He is a wacom/tablet guru.

Follow him on twitter, he shows lots of process.


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You're setting your sights rather high there. As Typo says, there's a hell of a lot of initial pencil work required first to get that kind of detail. Using a tablet will be a lot quicker for using the pen tool. Customising a brush will give you a quicker, looser effect.
You just have to start small and keep practicing. As mentioned a tablet is definitely helpful. I have a Wacom Intous and it has made a lot of things so much easier. Also you can find tutorials online, quite a few even on YouTube. In the end though it’s all going to depend on practice and hard work.