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Vector file help.

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by lukedavies, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. lukedavies

    lukedavies Member

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is a stupid question.. but if i have a 72dpi illustrator vector object, can it be notched up to 300dpi by placing it in a 300dpi document. This might be a totally stupid question, but i was just wondering. My gut instinct says that you can't but hopefully i'm wrong!

    Also, I've won a few logo contests recently and the client wants me to design a business card for the company. Which programme should i use? I'm assuming indesign/photoshop would be the most appropriate? Any thing i need to know about making business cards? tips etc..

  2. JamesBrentwood

    JamesBrentwood Senior Member

    Yes, the nice thing about vector is it's basically just code, so it can be as big or small, and whatever resolution you want!

    Make your 300dpi document, then grab the original vector image (not a rasterized version of it!) and scale it to your needs, then rest assured it'll be clean :)
  3. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    What he said.

    If you are going to make business cards, ask how they are planning on printing them first. Get bleed margins from the printer, how they want their document set up before you do anything. If you don't you could end up creating more work for yourself.

    If the client has no idea, point them in the direction of as its cheap and the template to printed format is (almost) idiot proof.

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