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VBulletin Mods

A quick question for all those people who have used VBulletin before, what mods did you install? and what mods would you suggest to install?


Active Member
Hi Craig,

It all depends on the type of community as to what mods fit best, but here's a few all-rounders that I would suggest using on any vB forum...

NoSpam! - NoSpam! allows you to specify a set of questions which members are required to answer correctly at registration, eliminating the ability of spam bots to register at your forums and post unwanted messages.

Invitation System - Allow users send invitation to everybody

Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics - Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics

Automatic Thread Tagger - Extracts keywords from thread titles and uses these as thread tags.

and last, but most importantly vBSEO, although this is a separate product with its own price tag at $150 it helps your forum SEO massively with an array of useful SEO features.

If you can't afford vBSEO then it's worth at least getting vBSEO :: Sitemap Generator which is free as an addition to the main vBSEO product, this will generate a Google & Yahoo Sitemap for your Forums.

Hope that helps,