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Use of youtube videos


Senior Member
I am working on something for a stemcell research company (rock and roll) and they want to put a youtube vid into their site. It is an article on one of their employee's from the Guardian's youtube account.

I have no idea what the legality of this is! The video doesn't have embedding disabled, they don't want to change the video at all....

It is a perfect introduction to the man, so it seems strange to not use it, but as it is being used as a business promotional tool, does that change the right of usage?

I've tried googling this and reading t&c's, and can't make any sense of it!


Senior Member
I thought that might be the case. Late night, early start, my brain isn't really working!

I could probably film them a decent enough quality video, but then they would have to pay me more! Maybe I should lie!


Senior Member
I've done my homework and the T&C's on both websites seem to contradict each other a little.

Youtube say royalty free videos, GMG say permission.

Youtube say not for commercial use, GMG say clearance for commercial use.

I'll get someone at the company to contact GMG.