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use of light fonts on the web

Hey guys,

I'm currently designing my own personal website. Because I never got on well with coding and just can't get my head around it, I have a friend who is going to produce the site once I've got the thing designed in photoshop. The question I need to ask is, how hard is it to implement a "light" font on the web? My design uses a fair bit of Helvetica Neue Ultralight for headers and links, but my web guy has informed me that this is gona be a massive pain in the a*s to do.

Looking on the web with a quick search, it looks like it is possible to use light or ultralight fonts but I don't really understand a lot of what it says. does anybody have experience using light fonts on the web? I don't want to really make this any more of a pain than it has to be, but I do want the site to look good.

well there's a good thread in this sub forum called a matter of preference, give that a read through too, it's really full of opinions.
but yeah i would advise against light fonts, it can cause eye strain , which in some people can lead to headaches and migrains.:icon_smile: