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*URGENT* Please provide some feedback on a logo design.

Hi guys
I am designing a logo at the moment for a company called 'wined up', who are starting an app. Here is an extract from the brief:

hat we do: WinedUp is a new social wine app where users have a profile with preferences of both specific wines they like and types of wine they like. Users can follow friends or other wine drinkers to see what wines they drink. The app also has a friendly, easy to use feature that helps people choose wines to go along with meals in bars and restaurants based on their preferences, wines they’ve drank in the past, and wines people they follow have drank. Our goal is to make the process of choosing and drinking wine much more fun and enjoyable, and the logo should reflect that. The main differentiator of WinedUp from other competitors in the space is the social and consumer profile aspects of the app.
Our target audience: 22-40 year old young professionals who enjoy dining out.
I knocked up a logo concept quite quickly, and I think this could be a way to go with some of your improvements and ideas. I would appreciate some feedback, the final design needs to be sent off in the next 3 days.
The concept certainly isn't refined yet and the colours aren't final.



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Something about the logo seems off. I can tell you, as an avid wine drinker, that the neck of the bottle is too wide. Can you incorporate "Up" as the neck of the bottle? Because right now it's too separate of an element, it doesn't fit into the logo you currently have.
What were your other sketches for this? I don't think you'll find many people offering up concept ideas to you since this is your job.
Post sketches and we can give feedback.


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Also, look at companies such as Corkcicle, which targets a similar audience. Look at how their logo has been treated. Look at other companies, too, like things sold in Williams & Sonoma and Crate & Barrel.

Tony Hardy

Jordan shoots and scores! However, the footprint of the logo that way is fairly large.


It's not bad! But again, as an avid wine drinker I know that you've got the proportions of the wine bottle incorrect. The neck of the bottle is too short in comparison to the body. Also I believe this idea has been done to death, was there no other direction you could take with this concept?


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No problem Gibbon, If it was me I wouldn't over complicate the logo, people would be able to make the connection without adding the stem.
The problem is the width of the logo in my opionion - It need tightening up and making more user friendly for being used in an icon on phone etc.
Oops, thanks Tony for pointing that out - it slipped my mind :p
I will have a go tightening it up when I can, I just finished designing for a kit designing brand planning to go global, which was great fun.
Thanks for the feedback again guys.